Global Telemetrics now accepts Direct Debit subscription payments

Direct Debit

Flexible, convenient, affordable and easy way to protect your asset from a little as £12.49* per month for Thatcham Category 6 monitoring subscription. 

Direct Debit is one of the safest and most reassuring ways of paying your subscription. 

Payments are made automatically, so subscription renewals are never forgotten reducing reconnection fees***. Payments are not lost in the post or delayed by postal problems. 

Rest assured that your device is covered at all times by our secure control centre 24 hrs.

Choose from 2 monthly payment transaction dates to suit your budget. Either the 2nd or 15th day of the month. 

Its Guaranteed
Direct Debit payments come with a guarantee so you’re automatically protected by three important safe guards.

 An immediate money back guarantee from your bank in the event of an error in the the payment of your Direct Debit.

• Advance notice if the date or amount changes.

 The right to cancel at any time***

For further information please call our Subscription team on 0845 833 6971.

*new installations, already protected with extended warranty.
** currently reconnection fees are £50 inc VAT per vehicle.
***alternative payment methods available. Cancellation may invalidate your insurance cover.
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Takeuchi TB23R successfully recovered using uTrack fleet device

Theft Certificate Takeuchi TB23R Cheshire

On Monday 10th August 2015 a Takeuchi TB23R was stolen from the Cheshire area. 

The machine was installed with a uTrack device and allows the customer to view current and past locations.

The customer reported the machine stolen to Cheshire police and they were able to give them a location using the information on their online account.

We would like to thank Cheshire police for their fast response. 

For further information regarding SmarTrack tracking devices please visit:

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2006 Komatsu Excavator, successfully recovered and tracked by SmarTrack and Global Telemetrics

Theft Certificate Komatsu Excavator Worcester-page-001

The Global Telemetrics Control Centre called the customer as their Komatsu Excavator was moving without the ignition on. The customer stated to our Team Member that the vehicle had no plans to be moved. The customer went away and checked his vehicle to find that the vehicle had disappeared. The customer reported the vehicle as stolen to the Local Police, then he passed the crime reference number to our team and the tracking procedure started.

We located the vehicle that was currently on the move and the West Mercia Police were in pursuit. Once the vehicle location was confirmed, the Police stopped the low loader carrying the vehicle and arrested 4 people.

We would like to thank the West Mercia Police for their speedy response and Fast Fit Nationwide Limited for installing the device. If you are looking for a tracking device in the West Midlands area call Fast Fit on 0121 522 4949 or visit:

For further information regarding Smartrack please call 0845 833 6971
or take a look at the website:

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Global Telemetrics app leads Police to the location of a Range Rover and a Mercedes

Theft Certificate Range Rover Sport London

On the 6th June 2015 we had notification from a SmarTrack customer that their house had been broken into and their 2 vehicles stolen (2014 Range Rover Sport and Mercedes). Luckily for the customer he had a SmarTrack Protector Pro installed on the Range Rover. The customer simply logged in to his Global Telemetrics app and shared the location information with the Police.

The Police attended the location straight away and also found the customers Mercedes within the same area.

Great result for SmarTrack, Global Telemetrics and the Metropolitan Police.

Global Telemetrics and SmarTrack would like to thank the Metropolitan Police for their speedy and successful response.

If you would like further information regarding SmarTrack, please visit or call 0800 279 6401.

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SmarTrack an official sponsor for Modball

Modball logo

Smartrack are proud to announce that they will be one of the official sponsors of Modball 2015.

SmarTrack Managing Director, James Mather quoted: “He is delighted to be working with this years Modball team to promote the business and its partnership with this prestigious event. James and his team hope to be participating in next years Modball Rally”.

For further information regarding Modball please visit

If you would like to know more about SmarTrack visit

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SmarTrack Cat 5 returns Range Rover Vogue back to customer

Theft Cert

On 27th February 2015 the Global Telemetrics Control Room staff received an alert from a Range Rover Vogue. This vehicle was being driven without the DRST tags being used.  Our control staff called the customer to confirm if the vehicle was safe. The customer confirmed password information and stated he was out of the country and that no one should be driving the vehicle. The customer obtained a crime reference number in which we contacted the Metropolitan Police and began the tracking procedure.

The Vehicle was recovered within 2 hours. Global Telemetrics would like to thank the Metropolitan Police and B & B Audio Concepts. 

If you require a tracking device call B & B Audio Concepts on 02920 707 275. 

For further information regarding SmarTrack tracking devices please visit

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BMW M3 successfully recovered via SmarTrack Protector Pro

BMW M3 successfully recovered with help from the Surrey Police. The SmarTrack Protector Pro tracking device was fitted by Vehicle Accessories Ltd. If you are looking for a Tracking Device for your vehicle call Vehicle Accessories Ltd on 0333 200 7244 or visit

For further information regarding SmarTrack visit

Theft Certificate for BMW M3 Recovery

Theft Certificate for BMW M3 Recovery

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