BMW 320D successfully recovered in London using our Vehicle Credit Tracker system.

Vehicle Finance tracking device used to locate stolen BMW.
On Monday 28th July 2014, the Metropolitan Police contacted the Global Telemetrics Control Centre to confirm a BMW had been stolen. The vehicle in question was fitted with one our Vehicle Credit Tracker Devices. These devices are normally used to locate and immobilise vehicles if Finance Payments are not received. Within minutes a member of our team had located the vehicle and relayed the information to the Police Force for them to visit the location asap. 
Global Telemetrics would like to thank the Metropolitan Police for the fast response. 
If you would like further information regarding our Finance Tracking Devices please visit:
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About Global Telemetrics

Global Telemetrics is the billing and monitoring platform behind successful Award Winning Stolen Vehicle Tracking brands such as SmarTrack and Autowatch UK. Always creating new ideas for the future of vehicle tracking, using cutting edge technology.
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