Global Telemetrics app leads Police to the location of a Range Rover and a Mercedes

Theft Certificate Range Rover Sport London

On the 6th June 2015 we had notification from a SmarTrack customer that their house had been broken into and their 2 vehicles stolen (2014 Range Rover Sport and Mercedes). Luckily for the customer he had a SmarTrack Protector Pro installed on the Range Rover. The customer simply logged in to his Global Telemetrics app and shared the location information with the Police.

The Police attended the location straight away and also found the customers Mercedes within the same area.

Great result for SmarTrack, Global Telemetrics and the Metropolitan Police.

Global Telemetrics and SmarTrack would like to thank the Metropolitan Police for their speedy and successful response.

If you would like further information regarding SmarTrack, please visit or call 0800 279 6401.


About Global Telemetrics

Global Telemetrics is the billing and monitoring platform behind successful Award Winning Stolen Vehicle Tracking brands such as SmarTrack and Autowatch UK. Always creating new ideas for the future of vehicle tracking, using cutting edge technology.
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